The 60th Anniversary Archive Project has become a reality thanks to efforts of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Currently, this collection contains full volume uploads of the Mindfield Bulletin (Volumes 1-10), PA Proceedings (1991,1999-2008), Research in Parapsychology (1972-1982), European Journal of Parapsychology (complete), Research Letters of the Parapsychological Division of the Psychological Laboratory, University of Utrecht (complete), and the Journal of Parapsychology (selected open access articles only). More volumes are being scanned and will be uploaded when available.

Volunteers are currently needed to work with the PA office in breaking these volumes down into individual articles, and uploading them as separate items with the appropriate citations, keywords and meta tags. Doing so will greatly improve the search-ability of the site and be of great service to future scholars. If you would like to lend some of your time to this project, please email